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Tips on Selling Real Estate Property in Costa Rica

Preparing Interior of Home

Now is the time to set your emotions aside and try to see your home as any potential buyer would view it. It may be hard to remove and store family pictures and portraits. Leaving these and other personal items lying around make it hard for a prospective buyer to visualize the home as theirs. So one of the hardest things you will have to do in preparing your home for sale is to box and store all items that you may cherish, but only look like clutter to the prospect. If your nor willing to take these steps you may inadvertently create a situation that will take longer to sell your home.

Selling Real Estate in Costa RicaClutter collects on shelves, drawers, closets, garage, basements and counter tops. Let one of your friends help you with pointing out those items that may represent items that need to be cleared away.

The kitchen will be the easiest place to start. Remove everything from the counter tops, even the toaster. Store it in a cabinet. Clear the drawers, cabinets and pantry of everything you do not use. The prospective buyer will open cabinets and drawers. Clean storage areas give the felling of ample space while crowded closets and drawers take away that feeling. Use up foodstuffs especially canned goods that take up space; you will not want to pay to have it moved to your new house anyway. The space under the sink is important to, make sure it is clean and that there are no sign of water leaks.

Remove extra items from closets, especially items that clutter floor like too many shoes. Try to create space.

Many items of furniture that are not needed crowd rooms and make them appear small. Look around and store items that are not needed. Look at model homes to see how they display their rooms.

The clutter that fills garages, laundry rooms and storage areas need to be condensed or removed. Open space in these areas let your prospect visualize how they can use these areas.

Don’t do any remodeling, but take care of repairs and painting…Taking on debt to remodel or update your old home could affect you credit or funds needed to purchase a new property.

When looking at a house prospective buyers like to turn on light switches, open faucets and flush toilets. A few dollars spent on these repairs will pay off.

If plumbing fixtures or any thing in the house has difficult stains such as carpets you may want to enlist a professional who has all the tricks of stain removal.

Check the walls and ceilings for water stains and if caused by leaky plumbing or a faulty roof make the repairs necessary. Nothing turns a buyer off faster than the fear of bad plumbing or a roof that leaks.

It may be wise to repaint if there are discolored or soiled spots on the walls. Changing some dark and outdated colors to soft neutral colors will be the best investment you can make in preparing your home for the market.

Carpets should only be changed if they are really worn or soiled. Have a professional clean the carpets and if replacement is needed buy inexpensive carpet in a neutral color

Check all of your doors and windows to make sure they open easy. Doors that squeak and windows that are hard to open need to be sprayed with a silicon spray on the window tracks and the door hinges... Be sure door knobs turn easy and appear clean and polished. Any windows that are broken should be replaced.

Many people are sensitive to the odors of smoke and pets. Try to minimize these smells with an ozone spray that does not mask over the odors. It may be a good idea to smoke outdoors once you have removed the smell.

For those with cats clean the litter box daily. Try to keep dogs outside as much as possible, even if they are small and loveable. The periodic use of a carpet freshener will also help.

The Exterior of the House

Preparing the exterior of your home is most important. The prospective buyers first impression is known as curb appeal. And first impressions will determine the mind set of a prospect. You might walk across the street and compare your home to other houses on the block. Make you’re landscaping is on par for the neighborhood. The purchase of a few small bushes and planting colorful flowers in the right placed will work wonders. Your grass should be evenly cut and any brown areas replanted.

To paint or not to paint? Probably the biggest question you will have to ask yourself and the most expensive too. Compare your house with the others on the block and see if you house paint appears old or depleted. Painting your house can increase an offer to buy by thousands of dollars. Be sure the house color and trim are neutral and blend in with the neighborhood.

The backyard should be tidy and any debris from pets should be picked up. Large swing sets and a playhouse may make a yard look small so you might want to remove them.
The Selling Process

There is a saying that one who tries to represent themselves without a lawyer is a fool; the same may be said for one who tries to market their own home without a Realtor. Unless you know of someone who really wants to buy your home enlisting the services of a professional Broker will save you time any money. Realtors know that the home that is advertised is seldom the one purchased by the prospective buyer. The Realtor’s advantage is they advertise many homes and have a backlog of potential buyers that may be looking for your home.

Your Broker will also qualify the potential lookers and show your home to only buyers that have the cash or approved credit line with a lending institution. The Realtor for sale sign will have a phone no that will be answered by a professional during business hours .let should also have a website where the potential prospect can get a photo tour of your home without bothering you for an appointment.

In trying to establish a selling price for your home, you are probably the one who knows best what your house should sell for. Your Realtor can give you some guidelines and give you an example of how similar properties have sold. Beware of the agent who says your property will sell for a much higher price than other Realtors have given. This individual is trying to buy a listing. If you should price the property too high the network of Realtors that preview your home will discount it and will not waste their time showing an overpriced property. And they will guide their clients someplace else.

How to List Exclusive or Open Listed

Open Listings

Open listings are used by individuals who are trying to sell their home themselves but will pay a real estate agent a commission if he sells the property. An open listing gives the seller the option of listing with as many agents as possible.

Most of the time the agent will not even bother to put the listing on a website and only shows the property if it meets the criteria of one of their clients, they may be willing to show it to their prospect. In most all cases this is as far as it goes.

Exclusive Right to Sell

This type of listing gives the real estate agent the exclusive right to sell your home but does not mean that other Realtors will not be involved. Quite the opposite your agent will be active in promoting your property to other agents because if anyone sells the property including yourself he will share in the commission.

If you want full service from a Broker this is probably the only type of listing they will accept. Full service means your Broker will place your property on the internet, place newspaper and magazine advertisements and will promote the listing to all other reputable real estate companies in the area. This means they are going to make a substantial investment in marketing your property. Only with the exclusive right to sell does the real estate agency have any realistic expectation earning anything on the sale of your property.

Details included in a listing agreement

  1. Location
  2. Selling Price
  3. What personal property (that which is not attached to the property a considered real estate) or not included.
  4. Commission how much and how it is to be paid.
  5. Length of agreement
  6. Signatures

Good Luck in selling your Home. The Tico team is always ready to give free inspections and advice on selling your property.

Costa Rica Real Estate FAQ | Tips on Buying | Tips on Selling | Tips on Building | Financing


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