Good News for Costa Rica Real Estate Brokers with Garbage Clean Up

April 14, 2009 - Costa Rica is a tropical paradise but the Costa Rica Real Estate Industry has been plagued with unsightly sites of garbage in the streets when showing properties in Costa Rica.

There is nothing worst for a real estate broker when showing a property in Costa Rica to a potential buyer to see garbage littering the streets where the property is located. Just imagine that you are having guests over and your yard is full of garbage, would that make your guests want to come back? I think not.

The health minister, Maria Luisa vilaAgaro, has been pushing a bill to regulate and control garbage in the country. This bill would create a legal framework to protect not only the public health but the environment as well. Part of the bill also include the creation of a plan for the handling and disposal of garbage.

The advantages of having this bill pass is that it would promote public and private infrastructure for the collection and treatment of garbage as well as its transportation, storage and recycling.

Everyone in Costa Rica is waiting to see whether this bill will pass. Garbage collection has often been in the Costa Rica news due to towns being left with piles of uncollected garbage in their streets.

An example are the cities of Limon and Tibas who seem to have a never ending flow of garbage in the street and its citizens are constantly protesting the local government to deal with the problem.

Costa Rica produces around 4,500 tons of solid waste per day, a high volume of garbage for Costa Rica considering that it prides itself on being an ecologically friendly country. The worst part is that much of that garbage ends up in vacant lots, on the street and in the rivers.

Costa Rica real estate brokers themselves are eagerly waiting to see the outcome because it could help to increase property value in Costa Rica. That and it would also help in the selling of real estate properties.

Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood better then arriving to your new home without any trash or garbage piled up in front of your house and that is what real estate brokers need to sell properties in this economy.

Allison Kim has been a freelance writer for over 3 years discussing several topics such as real estate, the economy and traveling. You can contact Allison Kim by sending her an email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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