Costa Rica Caribbean Region

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Costa Rica Caribbean Region

The Caribbean region extends from Nicaragua to Panama and lies entirely in the providence of Limon.

The port town of Limon is the largest in the area. It receives all the ships from the Atlantic. Both large cargo vessels and cruise ships line the port. The new administration is planning a major revitalization of the area providing more services and attractions for cruise ship passengers. This region boasts of some of the best tree lined white sand beaches in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Caribbean RegionInland rainforest and swampy lagoons reach right up to the beaches and are keep green with the 200 inch plus yearly rainfall this region enjoys. Most of the rains come in the months between May and August.

Tourist can enjoy sport fishing, diving, snorkeling, ocean and white water kayaking, or surfing Nature lovers will love the Torrugero National Park famous for its nesting turtles, bird watching The Park covers about 48,000 acres and protects many exotic forms of wildlife. Cahuita the first town south of Limon joins Cahuita National Park. This park is easy to hike because it follows the shoreline of the beach. South of Cahuita is the Manzanillo Park; it has a wildlife refuge and may be the prettiest park in Costa Rica

The Culture of the Caribbean reflects influences from several areas making it more colorful and different than other areas of Costa Rica, the only remaining indigenous Indian tribes, the Cocles, Bribri and Talamanca Cabecary live in this providence.

Costa Rica Caribbean RegionThere is a large population of African and Orientals who originally came to the area to work the plantations and build the first railroads. All blends into the Spanish culture to making an interesting blend of language, dance and spicy foods one of the best times to experience this culture is at the annual Limon Carnival.

The railroads that were built are no longer in use; they were disrupted by an earthquake. So to travel from San Jose to the Limon take route 32, known as Quapiles highway which will take about four hours depending on traffic. Air travel will take 25-30 minutes to one of the small local airports.

Buying a house or beachfront lot on the Caribbean side will be less expensive than properties on the Pacific side. So more and more investors and retirees are looking to the Caribbean for property for first time buyers it may be wise to experience the area in the green season before buying.


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