10 Reasons to use a Realtor to Purchase Costa Rica Real Estate

!. Purchasing Costa Rica real estate may be one of the largest financial decisions you may have to undertake. So don't lose your money by making a mistake in the process. Value the years of experience you realtor has been through. He will guide you through the process so not only you don't lose your shirt, but you will have negotiated the best deal possible,

2. When a Realtor represents you as an agent , they are only working for you. Usually the seller pays the listing company so the service you get from an agent is virtually free.

3. A Realtor will send you to the best lenders to get you preapproved, so you will know the price range you are qualified to buy. Your Realtor can help you formulate a presentation and tell what documentation that the lender will need.

4. When it comes time to find a property, your Realtor knows what is available and will network with all so the other Companies to save you time in finding the right property for you. And as new properties become available or any existing properties have had a price reduction you will be the first to know.

5. Your Realtor will guide you through an evaluation of the property based on construction cost and land value. He may also know what similar properties have sold in that area. This way you know that any offer you make will be based on fair market value. The agent will help you prepare an offer to that protects you from making costly mistakes. Even iy your attorney prepares the offer let your Realtor check for any omissions.

6. Realtors provide a buffer between the buyer and seller. This helps avoid any heated discussions that could harm an agreement.

7. The Realtor will help provide you with a due diligence period where you can perform all of your inspections, such as structural, water, sewer, land survey, ect.

8, Your Realtor is experienced when it comes to obtaining the best price. The buying process deals with a lot of negotiating; the agent will help you through this process and save you money. You may want your agent to negotiate more than just the price. Other items that are negotiated may be closing dates, amounts to escrow, inspections, contingency items, and commitment dates on these items.

9. Realtors can lead you to the best home inspectors so that you can have a through property inspection

10. Also your Realtor can find sellers with assumable mortgages or even carry a mortgage. Many Costa Rica real estate sellers know that they can get a return on holding a mortgage of several times than holding his money in a bank..


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