Costa Rica Real Estate Resources

May 18, 2011 – So you have decided to not only move to Costa Rica but also on buying a home in Costa Rica and now its time to look for resources to help you finish the move.

Costa Rica Real Estate ResourcesBuying real estate in Costa Rica can be quite a stressful chore if you are new to the country which is why we will go into Costa Rica real estate resources for this week’s article.

I bet that every home owner wished he would have had a list of resources that could help him answer some of the tough questions when it came down to doing the actual real estate search and purchase in Costa Rica and this is exactly what I will attempt to do based on my experience in real estate.

Let’s start with the basic.

First you need to find the property you are looking and they are several methods to look at property. The first choice is obviously a Costa Rica real estate broker where a good one can make the process a lot easier.

If you however would like more resources to look at real estate, they are alternatives to find property in Costa Rica like: Craigslist and local newspapers like La Nacion and the Tico Times and even some online magazines like Que Magazine offer a section with real estate listings. Finding the property to look at is the easy part.

The next part is when you have settled on a home and want to make a bid. Before you even think about making a bid, you need to do some checking on the house first and the best way to do that in Costa Rica is with a lawyer.

The lawyer will be used to do the following: Do a background check on the property to make sure of the current ownership, any liens against the house, proper contract and documentation.

Costa Rica may not have an army but it certainly has enough lawyers to make up for it.

The law is part of everyday life and when dealing with real estate, it is best to hire a lawyer that specializes in real estate and if you only speak basic Spanish, do yourself a favor and get on that speaks your native language.

The lawyers can be found in many places and they are all pretty much the same. My only advice on finding a lawyer is to make sure they have an actual license and to check up on their references. It is usually best when you can get one that is recommended by a friend.

Now that we have the essential downs, let’s go ahead and list other real estate resources that can help you make the looking, buying and moving process smoother:

Looking for a Costa Rica Real Estate Broker? Then check out this directory of real estate companies in Costa Rica.

Moving Company – If you are moving from the United States here are a few reliable companies that can help you out.

Utility Companies – No one can say they are settled in their home unless all of the utilities are hooked up so here is a list of utility companies:

  • AMNET – Cable and internet provider that can be reached at: 2210-2929
  • Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos Y Alcantarillados will provide you with water and can be reached at 2279-5118
  • Compania Nacional de Fuerza y Luz will provide you with electricity and can be reached at: 2295-5410
  • For the telephone line, the main provider is better known amongst the locals as ICE.  They can be reached at:

I hope that this article will help you make the process of buying real estate and moving to Costa Rica a bit smoother and if you have any suggestions to add to this article, feel free to contact me.

Beth Armstrong has been living on and off in Costa Rica for the last 6 years and is kept busy with her job as a registered nurse as well as the occasional writing that deals with nursing, living in Costa Rica and traveling in Costa Rica. Ms. Armstrong can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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