Schools in Costa Rica – Escuela Pilar Jimenez Solis

Escuela pilar jimenez solis in Guadalupe Costa RicaFeb. 10, 2014 – School in Costa Rica starts today at most public schools and it a busy day for parents and students all over Costa Rica.

The last article I wrote about bilingual schools in Costa Rica that included a list of schools in Costa Rica, my son was in kindergarten.

Today he is starting the second grade at a new public school in Guadalupe, Costa Rica and in this article; I will be talking about the current cost of Costa Rican public schools

Schools in Costa RicaLast year, my wife and I decided to send our son to Escuela Pilar Jimenez Solis as we read that it had received one of the best rating for elementary school in Costa Rica for the past 12 years.

The school is also close to where we live in Guadalupe and his cousin also attends that school which made it ideal for us. In addition, we like the layout of the school and even though the classes are not modern and fancy, they do have modern equipment.

The school like most schools in Costa Rica has its own soda and is well maintained. Security is adequate and the school teachers and staff were all friendly and very helpful.

So in November of 2013, we registered him to that school which cost us ?18,000.

Today, we took him for his first day of school and it was a madhouse with several hundreds of students and parents bringing in their kids.

We had no problems finding our son’s classroom as the whole thing was well organized and it was easy to find his name on the roster.

To recap here is what we have spent on school so far this year:

  • Registration: ?18,000
  • School Uniform: ?55,000 – 5 pair of pants, 5 shirts
  • School Shoes: ?18,000
  • Student Handbook: ?8,000
  • School badges: ?4,000(4 badges)
  • School Supplies: ?50,000 – notebooks, pencils, etc…
  • Transportation: ?19,000 per month

So our total cost for public school in Costa Rica for 2014 was: ?172,000 or about $342 at the current exchange rate.

Public school in guadalupe costa ricaKeep in mind that we live in a middle class Costa Rican neighborhood which is a bit less expensive than higher end neighborhoods in Costa Rica.

For example, if you are in the market for Santa Ana Costa Rica real estate, which is a higher end neighborhood, you will end up paying about 10% to 15% more according to some of our friends who live in that area of Costa Rica.

We do expect to spend another ?30,000 to ?50,000 later on as we are currently waiting on the class supply list from our son's teacher which will be for items like, booklets, cleaning supplies for the class, toilet papers and other similar items.

If you have any questions about sending your kids to a Costa Rican public school or anything school related, feel free to email me!

About the Author – Frederick Saint-Jacques is an expat living in Costa Rica and loving it. He is married to Patricia who is from Costa Rica. They also have son who is currently in 2nd grade and have one cat and one dog. Frederick works as an internet marketing consultant and writes in his free time. You can contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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