What does the renter and the home owner should know about renting a house

Renting a house could be challenge for homeowners and for renters. The homeowner’s wishes to have a renter that takes care of the property, pays on time and comply with the rules of good living. On the other hand, people who are looking for a house to rent also that the homeowner does not bother and that the agreement be respected at all times.Close a rental agreement has to be done carefully and all parties must be clear what the law states.

Experts in Real Estate lawyers states that the three most important aspects to be entered in rental housing are: the monthly rental, the payment of public services and the currency in which they will cancel the monthly payments.

The monthly rental is a negotiation between both parties. It is important that the amount is defined in the agreement and it is clear by mutual agreement.

Payment of utility bills should also be part of the negotiation between the renter and the house owner. If there’s no agreement on who pays the utility bills, who rents the house should take care to cancel all the utility bills per month, excluding water bill which the landlord has to pay according to the costarrican laws. As for the currency, if the rental housing is agreed to be pay in Dollars or other foreign currency, the renter is still entitled to pay in Colones.

We will like to make the recommendations for home owners:

1)     Investigate the future tenant by asking for reference of previous home owners that he has rented. Also make sure he has a current job and for how long he has been working. This will help you determine how stable is the person who wants to rent your property.

2)     Establish what utility bills will be assumed by the renter.

3)     Established the monthly rental prices with the tenant.

4)     Visit the house periodically to check the conditions.

5)     If you include furniture on the property, take photos before renting the house. This way you can check if the furniture has any damage while the house is renting.

We also like to make the following recommendations for renters:

1)       Before you rent, check the conditions of the house.

2)       Make sure the house does not have any legal disputes.

3)       Be aware that the rental annual increase is based on the inflation as per a new Law established.

4)       Talk to the home owner what utility bill’s are included on the monthly rental and what utility bill’s you have to pay.

5)       Make sure to know under what terms the deposit is fully refunded.


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