Tips on Using Uber in Costa Rica

Tips on Using in Costa RicaDate: October 17th, 2016.
Uber started in Costa Rica on 2015 and has created an impact among Costa Rican society. Yet the Costa Rican government has declared Uber as an illegal transportation, they have not been able to prohibit the business.
 Taxi drivers have been protesting against Uber since they declare their incomes has dropped almost 60%. Due to this, taxi drivers have been threatening to make another nation-wide strike.
On the other hand, Costa Rican consumers have been very satisfy on Uber service and support this business. Most of the people alleged that car conditions, service, drivers attention and fare prices have been the pillars of satisfaction on using Uber.
If you are those of the consumers who use Uber we will like to share some suggestions when using this Application:
Tips on Using Uber in Costa Rica1) Give clear directions. Uber drivers use google or Waze to take you to the destinations. But as you know costarrican address doesn’t use avenues, building number, zip codes, etc. Also remember that Uber drivers don’t know most of the directions in Costa Rica like taxi drivers do. 
2) Help Uber drivers not get in trouble with Police Traffic or taxi drivers. When requesting the Uber services, make sure there are no Taxi’s stations or police traffic.  You may seat on the passenger and pretend you are a friend of the Uber driver in case the police traffic stops them.
3) If the Uber Driver was friendly and you where satisfy with the service, give him a 5 stars on the rating. Also be friendly with Uber driver as they can rate you too.
4) When finishing the ride, make sure that  the Uber driver finish the ride on their App. This will send the invoice.
5) Remember that Uber now accepts cash. Be aware that they may not have change as user pay via credit card or Paypal. 
Most Costa Ricans have gotten used to using Uber by now and for foreigners who come to visit Costa Rica or already own real estate in Costa Rica, it is just as easy as the application does not change. To try Uber, just download the app at

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